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Did you know, we were originally established as a dedicated steam boiler servicing company? So, we consider ourselves specialists, when it comes to them. We're proud of our working knowledge of steam boilers and many businesses have been procuring our services throughout Greater Manchester since 1966. Today, we have branched out into other lines of work, however, our dedicated team still provides a full steam boiler maintenance package, including burner service, boiler and valve overhaul, boiler cleaning including tube scatter scaling, preparation for your insurance inspections and 5-yearly NDTs.

It is a legal requirement that all steam boilers have a 5-year NDT (Non-Destructive Test)

Did you know that it is a legal requirement for steam boilers to have an insurance inspection annually? Stay on the right side of the law and protect your staff by ensuring we undertake an annual insurance inspection. The inspection will not only satisfy your insurance company, but it will also ensure your boilers are safe to use and running at maximum efficiency.

Flueclean Installation Services Ltd is fully experienced in preparing your boiler for the NDT inspection. For the examination, the boiler cladding and lagging is removed to expose the shell and longitudinal seams. The refractory brickwork and quarl is removed and welds exposed in the furnace tube. All welds and seams are cleaned, ready for the NDT. We accompany the test engineer during the examination and on completion of passing the NDT, lagging and cladding is replaced along with new refractory brickwork. If, during this examination, any defects are found, we will quote for any repairs that may be required, such as replacement tubes, tube expansion, dye penetrant testing. In addition to the above, the boiler will be cleaned, the smoke tubes scatter scaled, the waterside cleaned and the boiler mountings and valves serviced.
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Our steam boiler insurance inspections include:

  • Draining of the boiler
  • Opening of both water and fire sides of the boiler
  • Stripping of the gauge cock and water level controls
  • Stripping of the crown head and feed, check valves and clean them (if required)
  • Compiling of a report which is submitted to you and the insurance company
  • Rebuilding of the boiler and complete service checks
If the inspection raises any issues or areas requiring attention, there's no need to worry, we'll endeavour to keep your down time to an absolute minimum by providing you with a competitive quote for the work and undertaking it as soon as possible.
Steam boiler cleaning

Steam boiler cleaning

Got a steam boiler that isn't running at full power? It may have a build-up of limescale and require cleaning. At Flueclean Installation Services Ltd, we can clean out your steam boiler to ensure that it is running at maximum capacity and serving your business properly. Just give us a call and arrange for one of our heating engineers to visit you and provide you with a detailed quote for the work.

Valve overhaul

At Flueclean Installation Services Ltd, our experienced engineers can supply and overhaul a wide range of valves in most pressure ranges and sizes. All valves are set against calibrated standard test gauges and certified in line with the relevant test procedures.
For more information on our NDT insurance inspection service in Stockport, call us today on 0161 480 8551

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